SEO Consultant Melbourne and Perth

7 years of SEO knowledge allows me to take your business to the next level in just a few months


SEO Consultant Melbourne and Perth 7 years of SEO knowledge allows me to take your business to the next level in just a few months


Local Seo

If you sell locally, then you need to be found on Maps and as most people click the top map result we can help with that.

Google Advertising

SEO should only be done if we can prove there is a market for what your offering so we use Google Adwords to test and supplement SEO positions for the Best ROI

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation Services uniquely tailored to achieve desired results

What people say about my SEO Services

Wade from has achieved for us what other SEO companies have promised but not delivered. We would recommend Wade as he was easy to understand and helped us to optimise our SEO content and put us wear we wanted to be.”




In the short time we have worked with Wade the results have been impressive. We have lifted our search rankings significantly on a number of keywords, boosted our web traffic and increased the number of enquiries we have been receiving. I would recommend Wade to any business looking to increase their website potential.”



Gateway Printing Perth

As I new business owner I needed my website to be done professionally and Wade  has delivered. From the start he was understanding of our needs and helped every step of the way. The website looks great and we are on top of Google giving us new clients every week.”




We got an amazing and immediate turnaround from our Adwords campaign. We have been doing our own web marketing for over 6 months and it was just not working for us. Within 5 days of Wade taking over we had more work than we could handle. Thank you guys and looking forward to more.”


From The Blog

Want to get on top of your competition? Start by getting found Online.

Wade Cockfield

I’m Wade Cockfield and since 2006 I have been working hard to bring traditional businesses more business by getting them found online.

As a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant I help business understand the complexities of search algorithms and then help them align their website so that these factors are incorporated into their online marketing.

As the owner of a well establishment Web Design Company I also have the ability to produce the websites and associated technologies to support best SEO practices and work with clients all over Australia with offices in Perth and Melbourne.

How we work is that Me and my team are highly trained to look deep into the technical components of your website and analyze it for deficiencies. We also look at market in a whole and see form a competition point of view what are the short term and long term opportunities. Then we set out a plan which has both immediate and long term focus and deliver the required scoped of works. From the very first day we analyze everything. We use analytics and unique phone numbers on all our websites. The key metrics we measure are Rankings, Website Visitors, Enquiry form completions and Phone Calls. We don’t guess whether a campaign is working or not We KNOW – and so will you.

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An Entrepreneur turned into a WA Telstra Business Award Winner

I am extremely happy with my website from Wade at Wicked Web Design. They gave me multiple designs to choose from, all which were exquisite. Wade is very easy to deal with, and the whole process was simple and stress free. I have had so much positive feedback about my new website, I would recommend them to anyone.
– Jessica Blackwell, Equestricare  

Jessica is one of those luck people who has turned her passion into a successful business. She is the Director of Equestricare, a multiple award winning equine business.

Jessica, an avid rider herself, started Equestricare,a mobile equine health service, to fill a gap in the industry. Equestricare provides services such as massage, laser therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy, deep tissue mobilisation and myofascial release as well as workshops and education.

Jessica was awarded Most Innovative Woman of the Year at the 2010 Telstra Business Womens Awards and I helped her develop her website along with a highly successful SEO Campaign targeting 30 phrases, currently 15 are No.1

Sheridan's for BadgesLocal Supplier dominates with 13 top 3 rankings

Sheridan’s for Badges needed to redesign their website due to a prior company using proprietary technology and no longer supporting clients. They engaged me to redesign the website, make it mobile friendly and to secure some key rankings on Google. We targeted 13 keywords and they now all 13 top 3 with 10 of those No.1

“Wade has been very helpful in creating a quality website for us. Importantly, it one that we can update ourselves as the need arises.

He responds quickly to any questions we have and will offer valuable advise on how to get the best exposure for our company on the internet. This might include social media, searching optimisation and design techniques.
He is happy to recommend other experts in specialised areas should he think it will benefit our business.”

-Chas Sheridan, Sheridan’s For Badges

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My SEO Services are NOT suitable for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to invest a little money to build a long term reliable term of generating leads
  • You want to be trained to do internet marketing in-house.
  • You are looking for the cheapest provider not the best
  • Your cant act on information and unwilling to take on advise
  • You are already in a Niche or location where I’m ranking another company. I only accept one client in a given market, per city. Apply for a discovery session to find out if your slot is still open.

My Guarantee:

At the start of a project we set goals for rankings of specific keywords and at the end of the period if for whatever reason your website is not ranking will work for FREE on those keywords until the get to the first page. When it comes to an SEO Guarantee you cant beat that!