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7 years of SEO knowledge allows me to take your business to the next level in just a few months


SEO Consultant Melbourne 7 years of SEO knowledge allows me to take your business to the next level in just a few months

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Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson
"I been involved with Wade Cockfield Executive SEO now for over 6 months and I can rate his SEO service very highly. We have gone from being absolutely unable to be seen on the web to multiple top rankings in competitive keywords. Wade’s services has as a result increased my business turnover markedly and I have no hesitation in recommending him for anyone looking for SEO"
Richard King
Richard King
“In the short time we have worked with Wade Cockfield Executive SEO the results have been impressive. We have lifted our search rankings significantly on a number of keywords, boosted our web traffic and increased the number of enquiries we have been receiving. I would recommend them to any business looking to increase their website potential.”
Richard Scholes
Richard Scholes
“We can highly recommend Wade Cockfield Executive SEO as has positioned us top of the list every time a search is done for our products. We get enquiries every day from our website which we convert to sales and we thank you for this Wade. Well done.”
Jim Mackessy
Jim Mackessy
Before we started with Wade Cockfield Executive SEO we had one ranking for a keyword that had low traffic volume. Within one month our traffic went up over 1000%. 6 months on we now have multiple top rankings and receive very qualified leads every day. Thank you for a great service.
Dale Anderson
Dale Anderson
We recommend Wade Cockfield Executive SEO for SEO as he has done a great job for us. We have a national company with offices in every state. With his help we are now appearing in the map listings and are receiving many more enquiries both from map and website rankings. Dale Anderson
Greg Morrison
Greg Morrison
Before we started with Wade we had no exposure online. Now our main service offering and product line searches are all top of Google. Over the last years this has resulted in acquiring many regular clients and has been a great investment for us.
Stephen Moore
Stephen Moore
Wade Cockfield Executive SEO has been optimizing our website for over 3 years and we have been number one for all those 3 years. Recently we pulled in a massive client that was 4 times anything we did before which was purely form the SEO of the site. Our return on investment from using Wade Cockfield Executive SEO is through the roof and we could be happier.
Jessica Arzanov
Jessica Arzanov
HI Wade, I wanted to thank you for saving my business! My website was struggling to get the traffic I wanted. You took mu Business from flat to fantastic in 3 months! I was not sure it would work at first, but I am so thankful for finding you to help. You have done an amazing job and the small cost of SEO is worth it with the business it generates. Thanks so much

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Want to get on top of your competition? Start by getting found Online.

Wade Cockfield SEO Melbourne

I’m Wade Cockfield and since 2006 I have been working hard to bring traditional businesses more business by getting them found online.

As a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultant I help businesses understand the complexities of search algorithms and then help them align their website so that these factors are incorporated into the website structure and all marketing campaigns.

As the owner of a well-established Web Design Company, I also have the ability to produce the websites and associated technologies to support best SEO practices and work with clients all over Australia with my head office located in Melbourne.

How we work is that Me and my team of SEO Melbourne Experts are highly trained to look deep into the technical components of your website and analyse it for deficiencies. We also look at the market as a whole and see from a competition point of view what are the short term and long term opportunities. Then we set out a plan which entails both immediate and long-term plans and deliver the required scoped of works. From the very first day we analyse everything. We use analytics and unique phone numbers on all our websites. The key metrics we measure are Rankings, Website Visitors, Enquiry form completions and Phone Calls. We don’t guess whether a campaign is working or not We KNOW – and so will you.

Contact Wade for confidential consultation 

My SEO Services are NOT suitable for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to invest a little money to build a long term reliable medium of generating leads.
  • You want to be trained to do internet marketing in-house.
  • You are looking for the cheapest provider not the best.
  • Your can’t act on information and unwilling to take on advice.
  • If $500 per month scares you – This is our cheapest starting point and we can’t take on clients for less.
  • You are already in a Niche or location where I’m ranking another company. I only accept one client in a given market, per city. Apply for a discovery session to find out if your slot is still open.

SEO Guarentee
My Guarantee:

At the start of a project we set goals for rankings of specific keywords and at the end of the period if for whatever reason your website is not ranking will work for FREE on those keywords until the get to the first page. When it comes to an SEO Guarantee you can’t beat that!


Advantages of securing the services of Melbourne SEO

If you own a business, there is always a need to stay informed on all modern internet marketing practices, which include search engine optimisation. While you might not be an expert in optimisation, teaming up with an SEO expert with a solid reputation and a history of success is always the right way to go.

There are many places you can obtain Melbourne SEO service, but the scope of the activities of each agency varies. For example, some agencies will promise you to get you to the top of the search pages at Bing, Yahoo and Google but will not get it done. Others will promise to enhance the visibility of all your web properties but they will not live up to that promise. The most important course of action here is to set aside some time and see how several SEO service providers operate. This way, you will have an idea of what each agency can do for you.

While looking around, always consider the timelines involved with each agency. Inquire into how soon they can get started on your project and obtain a projection of when they intend to finish the optimisation process for you. Some agencies will put you on the waiting list because they have too many clients on their files, which means you will have to wait for months before someone gets around to you. You do not want this because your business cannot afford to stagnate as a SEO company puts you on the queue. What you need is an agency that has the resources to move things along so that no one is kept waiting. However, be keen to ensure that the agency you are working with does not compromise results in the name of quick service.

Below are several ways in which Melbourne SEO can benefit your business

Melbourne SEO Company gives you the edge over your competitors in Google rankings.

Many businesses in Melbourne exist in the same niche you do, offering the same services you do or a variation thereof. Clients will always go to whoever outdoes others in aspects like marketing and optimisation. If you can rank in a better place than your rivals, then it means that Internet users will probably click through to your page. If the traffic you are generating is higher than that of the competition, you are pulling away from the rest of the pack. Melbourne SEO optimises the keywords specific to your businesses in such a way that users are directed to you first.

SEO Melbourne has the capacity to direct prospects to your website.

The whole point of having a business is to make sales and diversify revenue streams. Search engine optimisation exists to raise awareness of the existence of your business to a large pool of potential clients and direct them to you. Hiring the best SEO service provider around ensures you get just that. We have the requisite resources and strategies that have been tested and proven. Within a very short span of time, we are capable of increasing traffic to your site by directing internet users to you. A high volume of traffic translates into higher amounts of sales and enquiries.

By designing your site in the right way, Melbourne SEO helps you save time.

One of the most fundamental principles of SEO involves ensuring that your website is set up the right way before the technical details of optimisation come in. If the backend of your website is not engineered in the right way, then any additional SEO work you carry out might never bear fruits. We have a dedicated team of professionals who ensure that the architecture of your site is right up there in terms of requirements. A website that has been set up without consideration to SEO is in many ways a waste of time and resources.

Search engines can understand the design of your website in terms of how good it is when it comes to providing quality to the information seeker. In addition to that, algorithmic changes happen all the time (Google for instance tweaks its search algorithms over 500 times a year) and if your site is not updated with these changes, then it becomes hard for you to stay visible. At Melbourne SEO, we ensure that these changes are factored. We also keep in step with any changes in SEO strategies in a bid to ensure that you stay accessible to clients and prospects all the time.

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