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We have been active in marketing online since the industry first started. We are not just beginners with just basic skills. We are pioneers of the Digital marketing era. We have over ten years of industry experience, along with a successful and proven track record.

Making the Necessary Investments

We make significant investments in our online education and continued development to stay current on the continuous changes to Google’s guidelines, and we are miles ahead of our competition. We have and always will be committed to delivering the best results and being the best in the industry.

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We offer optional updates about your progress. That allows you to have confidence that your hard-earned money is working effectively for you, know that you are moving forward in the right direction, and monitor your growth.

Proof of Our Results

We use a unique cutting edge process. It is the exact formula that is necessary to achieve real business growth and results from today’s Google. Our company has numerous positive testimonials and reviews to show you that we do deliver for our clients. We will for you as well, and our results prove that.

No Contracts Required

We have so much confidence in our abilities and the work that we do hat we don’t use contracts. Our SEO services are all offered on a month to month basis. Our clients do not stay with us because they have to but because they want to. The results that we deliver speak for themselves. If you ever feel it is necessary, for any reason to discontinue using our services, you can stop them at any time without any issues. We don’t want you to leave, but we will understand if you need to. So give us a try. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

No Contracts = No Risk To You!

Have you attempted to use SEO in the past without seeing positive results?

1. You hired the wrong agency.

Unfortunately, that describes the majority of our competitors. All they do is some fundamental on-page optimisation. They add a couple of industry keywords to your website. That’s what they call SEO. It will never work. Even worse, they might build a colossal amount of low-quality backlinks, which can set it back by triggering a notorious Penguin penalty by Google.

There is still time.

Truthfully, most businesses by now have attempted SEO at some point and achieved poor results. However, that doesn’t mean that SEO cannot be valid or that it doesn’t work. There is still time to experience the kind of ROI you can get when your website ranks at the top of Google. A majority of our clients came from a similar situation and decided to hire us because they were not happy with their current or past SEO agency. Now they are receiving the results that they deserve. You can have this as well. All you need to do is call us.

2. You were not paying enough for your SEO services

When you find an individual or agency that is charging the lowest rates, you have found the wrong service. If that was you, then you didn’t have a fair chance against the competition. When you consider the potential ROIs you can achieve, effective SEO isn’t expensive. However, costs are driven by the amount your competitors are willing to spend to keep their assets protected and not how many hours of work somebody is willing to do for you. Typically, the higher that the customer value is, the more it will cost to compete and be successful. You need to be honest with yourself. If somebody claims that you can make a fortune by spending peanuts, it has zero chance of working. All they are doing is taking your money, and they know they will not be able to deliver you positive results.

3. Wrong keywords

If you have high rankings but are not receiving much business from it, then you are ranking highly for the wrong keywords. That goes back to not hiring the right team.

Searcher Intent

It isn’t just a matter of showing up in Google. You need to show up for the right types of key phrases that your customers use when they are searching for help. It is key. You could rank highly in Google for a lot of different phrases. However, if they are not the precise ones that are being used by your customers when they are searching, then you won’t earn any money from them. You need to be ranked on top of Google search results for the keywords and phrases that are customers are searching for, otherwisemthere really is no point. That is how it works. A majority of our competitors don’t know how to achieve this. However, we do. SEO works, and in fact, is highly effective, when you use the right formula, and can provide you with all of the new customers that you need on a monthly basis.

4. Right keywords, no phone calls

These days, this is an increasingly common situation and a growing trend that is being ignored by most SEO consultants. While it’s accurate SEO is purley responsible for providing a website with targeted traffic it doesn’t end there – the site visitors needs to convert. Today’s consumers are very internet-savvy, they have seen millions of websites, and they expect a user friendly design and ease of enquiry. This is what makes us stand apart from the small number of credible SEO agencies that are available.

Conversion Marketing

To engage and interact with your website visitor, you need to employ modern methods. It is no longer sufficient just to have a contact form and a phone number on top. Today, mastering SEO is just the first step that you need to take. The secret sauce is to combine SEO with great conversion methods to deliver even higher conversion rates than ever were seen in the past.

What are these methods?

See below…

Our 1-2-3 Punch Process and Strategy

Google My Business

Even since mobile became the primary search method (today 85% of individual use their phones to search Google), the majority of people click on and select a business from a Google maps listing, as they can quickly determine where a company is located and if it is trustworthy or not. Your ticket to these maps is to have a Google My Business page. It is an absolute must-have component in your overall SEO strategy if you would like to get more customers these days from Google. Website SEO and Google My Business SEO are very different. Maps ranking is very much based on proximity. Google verifies your business location and tracks the IP address of GPS of all searches they receive. Our techniques will help you saturate your entire local market and be displayed on top whenever someone searches for your specific industry within a 10-20 kilometer range. That is a ton of business in your local area for you to tap into.

Geo-modified Organic

A keyword that is geo-modified is the main keyword that is combined with a specific location. One example of this is “Plumber Melbourne.” These keywords are the most valuable for local businesses since most of the time; this particular combination of (keyword) + (location), is being searched by a local customer. Those are the types of keywords that will generate new customers for your business, in and out of Google maps.

Expand your reach

There are not the same location restrictions on your website as your Google My Business page. Your website can rank for whatever keywords you want, from any place in the county. A larger city that has a lot of additional customers will often be just out of reach of a company’s Google My Business map range. Website SEO can be done for those types of keywords to allow you to rank for any service in any city and tap into additional business in unlimited amounts.

Organic Local

Ranking at the top of the results for “near me” searches, which are becoming increasingly popular, and searches where only your industry is searched for by local customers without specifying the location, can also be very useful. Another significant advancement that Google made recently is providing searchers with local results even when they don’ specify the area they are searching for.

So if someone is searching for a personal injury lawyer in Melbourne, they might only search for “personal injury lawyer.” In the past, Google would have shown the first page results that contained the country’s most prominent spending lawyer, which would probably not be local for them, and wouldn’t really help them. Now with the right SEO (using our cutting-edge location relevancy optimisation method), local businesses can rank high when people are looking for a business nearby but don’t specify the location.

While local may of been a huge missed opportunity for you in the past, it is included in our SEO strategy, so you won’t miss any opportunities no matter how your customers do their online searches.

Fast ROI - Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

A decade ago, it was possible to rank a website within 24 hours, start to make money, and then reinvest part of your profits to grow your business as much as you wanted to. Things are quite different now. Depending on your level of competition and your industry, it can take many months before your SEO ROI kicks in.

Fast leads

There are many reasons why it’s not recommended to use PPC as your sole source for acquiring new customers. Those reasons include lower lead quality, higher cost, and having all your eggs in the same basket. However PPC ads can work well as a supplement or temporary source of leads since speed is their main benefit. They can provide you with the instant profits and leads that you need while you are waiting for the more sustainable and more significant ROI to kick in from SEO. They can generate fast profits and help to pay for some of your SEO investment.

Longterm ROI - SEO / On-Page

The driving force behind search rankings is off-site optimisation. However, on-site optimisation serves as your foundation to be able to rank. If you don’t get this right, then your off-site efforts will not be beneficial.

The King is Not Content

It is one of the main falsehoods that is spread online. Having more content is not automatically better. It can, in fact, cause “keyword cannibalisation – or your pages preventing one another from being able to rank. Agencies using this approach are the ones who don’t know how SEO works. They think that putting more content up gives them extra chances to get lucky. However, the truth of the matter is your website does not need to have a lot of content on it dominate the rankings if you know what Google is looking for.

Google is looking for very specific signals and elements from a website in order to determine whether it is a good match or not for very specific search results. The same thing is true with your Google My Business page. The stronger that your on-page and on-site SEO is the more keywords and phrases you will be able to rank for, and your off-site efforts will pay off even more.

The recipe for SEO success

– responsive, mobile-friendly website
– content with a balanced variety of different keywords
– good site speed
– schema markup
– geo-tagged images
– inner site linking
– outbound authority links
– correctly optimised meta tags
– other proprietary methods


Each of the elements above has a certain weight. It is entirely circumstantial when it comes to how much of each of them are needed for a winning formula. If you under-optimise, (have an insufficient amount of one or several elements), and Google is not able to make the right connections, then your rankings will suffer. If you over-optimise, you will be hit with a penalty which can make it twice as hard for you to rank. If you can find the sweet spot and combine it with reliable off-site optimisation, then your rankings will soar.

Long-Term ROI - SEO / Off-Page

It isn’t enough for your website to just have the right components. Google likes seeing a range of actions take place off of a website, such as social signals, positive reviews, traffic coming from various sources, and other sites that link to yours. Those are called backlinks. They are both the biggest mystery and the most critical piece of the entire SEO puzzle.

Warning: Backlinks Are Not All Created Equal

In the past, there were two things that backlinks were all about:

1. anchor texts
2. volume

It was all about bragging rights for having the most backlinks (from wherever you could get them). The same thing was right about anchors (those clickable blue text links). Whoever had the most was the winner of the rankings. Period. It is the total opposite today. Backlinks are weighed quite heavily by Google, but they are wanting to see a natural profile that comes from a wide range of sources (and not all that are from the same kind of website), various anchors (with few of them saying the same thing), trustworthy and relevant linking websites. These factors are much more critical now than power, along with various hidden signals that are behind all incoming links. If you miss these crucial factors, you won’t be able to rank no matter how many links you get. If you go overboard on any of them, you will have a significant setback and penalty waiting for you. If you get them right, you will be able to easily out-earn and outrank your industry’s biggest competitors.

We thoroughly understand backlinks and the way they can move your GMB page and website up the rankings.

Maximise ROI - Conversion Elements

Today’s average visitor expect to have an experience that is more current and must be convinced more before being willing to take action. This results in people visiting more websites. So instead of the first one getting all the business, those who are fortunate enough to be last will often end up getting a new customer. Instead of hoping to be unlucky, we use conversion strategies and tools to help you control numerous outcomes, beat the competition, and significantly increase the number of customers you get from the same level of traffic.

What are these tools and strategies?

Automated Messenger Bots – according to the statistics, more people these days prefer using chant instead of phone calls. Many visitors will leave and search for a different website if there is no chat option available. Not only do our automated messenger bots solve this but we take it to a completely different level. They integrate with Facebook so that they capture every visitor’s contact information immediately as soon as they hit your website. We program them to start communications with your website visitors to get a lot more of them to interact. They communicate with visitors, collect information, and nurture the leads to convert them into faster and more form submissions and phone calls.

Retargeting ads – these days, local customers have so many different options right at their fingertips that they don’t hire as quickly as they did in the past. An increasing number of people these days prefer shopping around for information before they make a final decision, and it can take 7 to 12 encounters before they feel comfortable enough to make a choice. Retargeting ads help to speed this process and ensure you are the one they have repeated exposure with by placing your ads in front of prospect on as many different platforms as possible that they visit online. This in turn helps to bring them up to a level of familiarity and trust faster, so they contact you as soon as possible and are prepared to take action.

Review funnel – Most people, take positive reviews into account as part of their overall decision-making process. You don’t just need reviews, but to have an overall high average rate to get the most business out of your traffic. They are factored into Google’s algorithm as well, so they help to improve your rankings and how much traffic you can get. The review acquisition process that we use makes it very easy to get customer reviews which directly translated into more customers and sales, more quickly.

seo keyword ranking


When these methods are combined with the industry-leading SEO services that we offer it can mean the difference between no or very little success with Google, to enjoying an explosion of growth, revenue, customers, and sales for your business.

Today’s Yellow Pages Is Google

When someone needs something these days, they take their phones out, quickly do a search, and select one of the first results that they see, and then go on with their life. That is the regular way to find and hire a service or business today. The only that you can tap into this large part of your customer base is by ensuring you are there when they are searching. It is essential to rank on the top of Google. Otherwise, you will end up forfeiting most of your customers to the competition that does do this.

Why Choose Us?

We have all of the missing ingredients that you need to enjoy the ROI and success you have been searching for. Our services and plans are the best in the industry. We will out-deliver the results of our competitors and get you to the very top of your market.

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Proof of Rankings and Case Studies

Full transparency that allows you to see your growling online exposure and process over time.

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