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Almost everybody around the world visits the Internet when they are searching for information. All that they need to do is visit a search engine, type in what they are searching for and then get the desired results. These results are links to websites that have the information that the person is looking for. The results appear in pages. Anyone who owns a website wants it to appear in the first page whenever an internet user searches for information that they have. To accomplish this, the owner of the website can perform Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.). This is a process that is conducted so as to make a website rank high in the results given by a search engine, preferably Google. This is because Google is the most popular search engine in the world. When this process is conducted, the effect is that the number of visitors to this site increases exponentially. This is due to the ease of access to the website. This process is conducted by the webmasters and administrators of these websites. It can also be done by companies that specifically perform SEO on the websites of other companies. There are many ways that SEO is conducted on a website. Read on to find out more.

Implementation of good content

The first technique of optimising a website through a Geelong SEO Company is ensuring that it has high quality content. When search engines are going through the millions of websites in the Internet searching for information, they sift through the contents of these websites to see which one delivers the best. The content of a website is the combination of its theme, page text, titles and the descriptions of the images and items in the webpages. As such, if the content is of high quality, the website is ranked high on the results page. Moreover, if your website has high quality content then other websites will refer to it and link to it within their own pages. This further boosts the quality of your website and pushes it up the rankings. In addition to these, if your website has good content, then it will have a low bounce rate. This is the number of people who leave your website after viewing a single page. This number is expressed as a percentage. Good content in your website keeps this number low and your rank high in the Google search results first page.

Another quality that search engines look for is the performance of your website. It should be able to load fast and have all its links working properly. In addition to that, the website should give its user a great experience when using it. The pages should load fully and quickly. In addition to that, the website must be easy to navigate. The site must also be secure. This means that any information that the user enters into the website is safe from hackers and other unsavoury characters that are online.

Understand the business model and target audience of the website

If a website is an e-commerce site, then the business model should reflects in the website. This is a technique of SEO that is often overlooked. Your business website is the face of your business on the Internet. As such, you should ensure that the words in the text of the webpages, the images you use and the websites that you link to all reflect your business model and brand. By doing this, you will attract internet users who share in your perspective to visit your website. Thus, if you have many people visiting your website, then it will rise and rank higher in the Google results pages.

Optimisation across multiple channels

There are many other channels that a website can be connected to so as to attract more visitors. Examples of these channels are social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You can have a page for your website in one or many of these social sites. Thus, as you increase the quality of the content in your website, ensure that you do the same for each one of the channels that you are connected to. Other channels that your website can be connected to are email websites for example Yahoo and Gmail. You should ensure that the text and content that you utilise in these email channels has high quality content as well. This ensures that you have conducted a comprehensive boost of content quality across your entire digital footprint.

Use of keywords responsibly

Search engines make use of small computer programs known as spiders or robots to scan the World Wide Web looking for websites that have the same content as that which the Internet user is searching for. These programs look for keywords that could match the ones that the user wants. As such, as you write the text in your website, ensure that you include some keywords that describe your product or service. Ensure that the words you choose reflect what your website is selling and keep within the theme of your website. However, it is important that you do not stuff keywords into your website so as to boost its chances of being identified by a robot or spider. This is illegal and can get a website flagged. If this is done, then the website will not feature anywhere near the first page of Google results. Ensure that you use these keywords sparingly and in a manner that does not compromise the quality of the text in your webpages. Moreover, you can apply these keywords in the channels that are connected to your website too. This is so that you can have a uniform, high quality network of keywords across your website’s digital footprint. If you conduct this properly, then your website will rank high in the first page of Google results.

Importance of SEO for Business in Geelong

The main benefit of conducting SEO on your business website is that it gives you exponential results over the lifetime of your website. All that you have to do is spend time and money to implement SEO techniques into your website. After that single investment, the number of visitors to your website will increase in number and keep increasing consistently. This will also increase the chances of doing business and converting visitors into repeat customers. SEO is a superb activity to undertake for your website.

My 6 steps I go to for every project that moves rankings (100% Whitehat)

1. Onsite Review and Technical Audit

I’ve consulted with multiple Digital Agencies and high profile Online Marketing Companies and this crucial aspect is always overlooked – at least too my standard.

2. In-depth Keyword Research

Buyer intent is what makes a keyword valuable. I have access to the latest data and tools which enable me to cherry pick the best keywords thus ensuring Return on Investment (ROI)

3. Competitor Analysis

If your business is not currently ranking than someone else’s business is – and you are missing out. My Competitor analysis reveals all the pieces of the puzzle and enables me to create a winning campaign.

4. Link Audit and Detoxing

Let’s face it – Google is the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Google alone decides how your website ranks and it pays to conform to their terms of service. Link Auditing and Detoxing is an integral part of my process so you remain in the good books and fully reap the benefits of my work.

5. Content Creation and Link Outreach

You know what they say: Content is King. Google in multiple blog posts and videos has consistently said good content is good for SEO. Good content fulfills a need in the market and Googles ranks websites proportionally.

6. Monitoring and Reporting

Scheduled monitoring and reporting is a keystone of my process because “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

My Search Marketing Services are NOT suitable for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to invest a little money to build a reliable long-term term of generating leads
  • You are looking for the cheapest provider not the best
  • You can’t act on information and unwilling to take on advise from an expert
  • You are already in a Niche and Location where I’m ranking another company. I only accept one client in a given market, per city. Apply for a discovery session to find out if your slot is still open.