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Digital marketing

Everyone who owns a business out there needs to stay in tune with the latest trends in Digital Marketing. Our strengths lie in different areas of specialisation, primarily related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

There is a whole range of companies that offer Perth SEO services, but you need to know what to look for before setting out on this endeavour. Some outfits have a glittering pitch on how they can help you beat your competition and stay ahead in terms of visibility. Others will promise quick and quality conversions. However, the problem here is that most of these companies do not do what they promise. To get a feel of the companies around you, make a courtesy call and see how they carry out their activities first-hand. A visit can give you instrumental insights into how each specific company handles SEO tasks.

One of the most important factors you need to consider is the timelines along which the SEO Company you want to hire operates. For example, Perth has some outfits that project a very off-handed kind of service, where clients are lumped into queues managed by subordinate staffers. These companies may not understand or appreciate the urgency of the job at hand. As a result, they tend to drag things along, not knowing that your business may be hurting every minute they keep stalling.

Search Engine Optimization

Businesses ride on the competition. Since there are so many competitors around you, you need to give your clients a reason to come to you and convince them to stay. With Perth SEO, you have a chance to optimise your site with keywords that rivals have no idea of. The idea is to give you a better ranking than other businesses around you. Good SEO ensures that many users click on to you as opposed to rivals. When you have lots of traffic, then there is always the certainty that the conversion rates are going to be high.

Internet marketing

At Wade Cockfield Executive SEO Perth, we work towards building (for the client) a network of unique prospects that later translate into permanent customers. Our strategies are designed in such a way that they reach deep into the internet looking for users who match the profile you have in mind. Our goal is to help you build a solid list of clients who will come back again and bring some friends along.

While additional visitors might not actually make purchases, their presence on your platform acts as an attraction to advertisers who may want you to help boost their marketing reach. Finally, information seekers who find their way to your site will help spread the message by telling others about the existence of your business and the services it offers.

Web design

Some companies will basically just get started on optimising your site without taking a look at its infrastructure to determine whether it is ready or not. The risk here is that if you are not set up the right way, optimisation will not help at all. If anything, it will waste your money because, at the end, you have to get things started all over again. Our team will always analyse your website for bugs that might affect optimisation and fix them before getting started. The advantage of this approach is that it saves everyone time and financial resources. In addition, it ensures that you take full advantage of SEO.

Every time you practice optimisation, keep in mind that you are doing it for the engines and the users. You want to stay relevant and visible all the time. To achieve this, there are some rules you need to play by. Businesses that do not abide find themselves way below their expected positions in rankings. Sites such as Google will only give you a good ranking if they establish that what you offer is relevant to your audience and follows established conventions. In addition to that, these engines keep changing their operation protocols, meaning that those business websites that do not toe the line will always find themselves languishing at the near-bottom in Google or Bing. Perth SEO stays conversant with any changes in optimisation practices and updates your site appropriately.

My 6 steps I go to for every project that moves rankings (100% Whitehat)

1. Onsite Review and Technical Audit

I’ve consulted with multiple Digital Agencies and high profile Online Marketing Companies and this crucial aspect is always overlooked – at least too my standard.

2. In-depth Keyword Research

Buyer intent is what makes a keyword valuable. I have access to the latest data and tools which enable me to cherry pick the best keywords thus ensuring Return on Investment (ROI)

3. Competitor Analysis

If your business is not currently ranking than someone else’s business is – and you are missing out. My Competitor analysis reveals all the pieces of the puzzle and enables me to create a winning campaign.

4. Link Audit and Detoxing

Let’s face it – Google is the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Google alone decides how your website ranks and it pays to conform to their terms of service. Link Auditing and Detoxing is an integral part of my process so you remain in the good books and fully reap the benefits of my work.

5. Content Creation and Link Outreach

You know what they say: Content is King. Google in multiple blog posts and videos has consistently said good content is good for SEO. Good content fulfills a need in the market and Googles ranks websites proportionally.

6. Monitoring and Reporting

Scheduled monitoring and reporting is a keystone of my process because “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

My Search Marketing Services are NOT suitable for you if:

  • You aren’t willing to invest a little money to build a reliable long-term term of generating leads
  • You are looking for the cheapest provider not the best
  • You can’t act on information and unwilling to take on advise from an expert
  • You are already in a Niche and Location where I’m ranking another company. I only accept one client in a given market, per city. Apply for a discovery session to find out if your slot is still open.